Belly Card is Full of Rewards


bellycardThe Belly Card is an easy way get rewards at your favorite NUCuisine locations. There are three easy steps to earn rewards.

1. Check in on the iPads at the register with your Belly Card or with the Belly App.
2. Earn 5 points for every check in.
3. Redeem the points for exciting rewards.


For a list of all the rewards, visit

The Belly Card is available at the 6 dining halls, Frontera Fresco, Willie’s Food Court, Plaza Cafe, Crowe Cafe, Lisa’s Cafe, and Fran’s Cafe. Be sure to use your Belly Card in the dining halls to earn points to FREE meals when paying for a meal with cash, Munch Money or credit card.

What have we got in store for dining services?

Take a look and be sure to join us for the fun! We’ll feature menus packed with an assortment of fun party favorites and include countless activities that give you a number of chances to win some terrific prizes too!


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