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Below are some pictures and videos of the special events previously hosted at Northwestern University by NUCuisine.

Oktoberfest Dinner

10/31/11 – Halloween Lunch

Halloween Lunch

11/9/11 – A Taste of Chicago Dinner at Allison

A Taste of Chicago

11/16/11 – Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

1/18/12 – 1835 Hinman Cruise Dinner

My Animoto Video

02/14/12 – Valentine’s Day Desserts

My Animoto Video

02/15/12 – Carnival Around the World Dinner at Sargent

My Animoto Video

02/21/12 – 02/24/12 – Global Chef Tomo from Slovenia

Copy of My Animoto Video

04/25/12 – Moroccan Night at Willard

My Animoto Video

05/16/12 – Caribbean Night at Elder

My Animoto Video

Norris Center – 1999 Specials

01/24/12 – nuCuisine Chili Cook-Off

My Animoto Video

02/16/12 – Mardi Gras Special

My Animoto Video

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