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starbucks-smallStarbucks is located on the first floor of the Norris Center and is attached to Couches Lounge. Starbucks is a popular spot for students to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and studying, relaxing, or just hanging out with friends. Stop in and enjoy your favorite Starbucks beverages or a fresh bakery item.  Starbucks also satisfies that non-coffee craving through its daily sandwich and salad offerings.  Visit Starbucks seven days a week.

Willie’s Food Court


Now you can enjoy Subway from Willie’s Food Court!

willies-foodcourtLocated on the ground floor of Norris University Center, this is a popular location to meet friends, study, and enjoy gourmet cuisine, or a tasty snack. Willie’s Food Court is open seven days a week, accommodating everything from a hearty lunch to a savory dinner. Enjoy Asian stir-fry at Wildcat Wok, Italian pasta dishes at the Pasta Bowl, homemade soups at Souper Bowl, a wide variety of salad makings at Shakespeare’s Garden, or made-to-order signature burgers, fries, and other grilled sandwiches at the Varsity Grill.

North Shore Pizza Company.

northshore-pizzaThe North Shore Pizza Company is on the ground floor of Norris. This pizza joint serves authentic fresh pizza by the slice and more. Featuring pizzas with whole wheat and white crust with an assortment of savory toppings, half salad half pizza flatbreads, garlic bites and boneless chicken wings. Stop in the North Shore Pizza Company today.

Paws `n Go C-Store

paws-n-goFor those in a hurry, take advantage of our convenience store (C-Store). Simply-to-Go sandwiches, wraps, and salads are available, as well as chips, beverages, candy, fruit, cereal, yogurt, cheese, and a myriad of other snacks. The nuGreen Market section offers many natural and organic products, as well as food items that meet changing dietary needs, such as gluten free cookies or vegan instant soups.  Not in the mood for food, but out of laundry detergent? Paws ‘n Go sells that too, along with fabric softener, shampoo, and several other daily necessities.

Frontera Fresco

FronteraFrescoFrontera Fresco is located on the ground floor of Norris. Explore the amazing flavors of Mexico. Created by celebrity Chef Rick Bayless, Frontera Fresco features hand-crafted tortas and tacos. Frontera Fresco combines high-quality ingredients from top local providers with recipes based on the incredible fare found in Mexico. Check out the menu.

Frontera Fresco Ingredients

At Frontera Fresco, great taste starts with fresh, all-natural ingredients:

Naturally-raised meats. Our beef, pork and chicken have been raised naturally on vegetarian feed. They are never given antibiotics or growth hormones.

All-Natural salsas. Our salsas are made with 100% natural, fresh ingredients using traditional fire-roasting cooking techniques.

Fresh guacamole. Every few hours, we make guacamole from ripe avocados and flavor it with fire-roasted tomatillos and fresh cilantro.

Many of the items on the Frontera Fresco menu are made without gluten-containing ingredients. These include the following:

  • Fresco Tacos (made with 100 percent corn tortillas, Chihuahua cheese and a variety of gluten-free filling ingredients such as shrimp, chicken, roasted vegetables and steak)
  • Fresco Handmade Tamales (made from fresh corn)
  • Fresco Tortilla soup (served with corn tortilla strips)
  • Roasted Corn & Poblano Chowder
  • Fresco Huaraches (Mexican flatbreads made from corn and topped with ingredients and a green salad)
  • Guacamole, Salsa and Tortilla Chips
  • Agua Fresca (fresh lime-juice based soft drinks)

For gluten-sensitive individuals, avoid quesadillas (made with flour tortillas), tortas (grilled sandwiches made on breads made with wheat flour) and chocolate pecan pie bars. If you order one of our main course salads, be sure to tell the order-taker to omit the toasted flour tortilla that is offered on the side.

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