Residence Dining Halls

There are dining facilities in six of the larger residence halls in Evanston: Sargent, Elder, Foster-Walker Complex, 1835 Hinman, Willard, and Allison. Each of the six residence dining locations features an all-you-can-eat buffet with a wide range of choices. There are 24 meals available each week: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Monday to Saturday, late-night meals, Monday to Thursday and brunch and dinner on Sunday. Continuous dining is available from breakfast through dinner at Sargent, Foster-Walker Complex and 1835 Hinman.

content_residentMenus are planned with students’ preferences and suggestions in mind and include a diverse range of mindful, healthy choices, traditional heartland entrees, ethnic selections, and vegetarian and vegan options. Every meal includes a choice of fresh fruit and beverages; lunch and dinner offer extensive salad and deli bars.

Designated dining areas are available in most of the residence dining halls for students who live in a residential college. This provides a great place where you can interact with students and faculty who have interest similar to yours. Here is a list of the residential college dining rooms in their respective halls:

  • Allison
    Shepard Residential College
    Public Affairs Residential College (PARC)
  • Foster-Walker Complex
    Women’s Residential College (WRC)
  • Sargent
    Thomas G. Ayers Residential College of Commerce and Industry
    Slivka Residential College of Science and Engineering
    Residential College of Cultural and Community Studies (CCS)
  • Willard
    Willard Residential College
    Humanities Residential College (Chapin)
  • 1835 Hinman
    International Studies Residential College (ISRC)
    Communications Residential College (CRC)
    Wayne V. and Elizabeth R. Jones Fine and Performing Arts Residential College

Carry out

content_resident2Bag meals are available Mondays through Fridays. If you expect to miss meals because of a class or job conflict, simply obtain a Bag Meal request form from the residence dining hall manager and place your order 24 hours in advance.

Sick Trays are available at all meals for students on a meal plan who cannot come to the residence dining halls. The procedure is simple: give your WildCARD to a friend, who shows it to the residence dining hall manager and requests a sick tray to bring back a meal for you.

Access to the University Dining Services

Each student is issued a photographic identification card, which must be presented in order to obtain access to the University Dining services. Students who lose their University identification card must come to the WildCARD office in Norris University Center for a replacement.

*NUCuisine facilities are only for University students, faculty, staff, alumni and their guests.

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