WildCat Meal Pack

The WildCat Meal Pack is meal plan bundle for students living off campus, students living in Greek housing, as well as faculty, staff and graduate students. 

For only $100 the WildCat Meal Pack includes 10 meals and 25 WildCat points.

  • Meals can be used in the six residential dining halls.
  • Points can be used in the dining halls or in any of the on-campus retail locations (excluding the Kellogg dining options in the Jacobs Center and Food for Thought).
  • The meals carry through the entire Academic Year and expires on August 31st of each year.
  • Multiple packs can be purchased throughout the year.
  • The meal plan can only be purchased with a Master Card or Visa. Processing will take one to two business days for the meal plan to be added to the WildCard.

To sign up for the WildCat Meal Pack, click here. (Net ID and password required.)

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