What is Munch Money?

Munch Money turns your WildCARD into a Debit Card. With Munch Money on your WildCARD you can eat your way across campus without a penny in your pocket. It takes just $25 to get started and, with the auto refill option, you’ll never go hungry.

Why Use Munch Money?

More like “why not?” Munch Money is accepted at a wide variety of NUCuisine locations on campus, including all sixresidential dining halls and these retail locations. With Munch Money, you’ll never need to carry around cash, and with the auto-refill option, you’ll never need to worry about a low balance.

Munch Money Incentive

  • Every $200 deposited gives you 2 bonus meal vouchers to use in the dining halls.
    Note: The Enrichment Offer is no longer valid.

The bonus meal vouchers will be mailed to each qualifying participant or can be picked up by appointment.
For all Munch Money users (faculty, staff, students) the bonus meals will expire on August 31 each year.

munch_moneySign Up or Add Funds
Munch Money Forms

Balance Check System
Now students can check when their meal plan is changed and check their balance for meals, points, and munch money at any time of the day. Check Balance Page (Enter your NetID and password if prompted)

Munch Money Policy

The initial deposit requirement for individuals is $25.00, thereafter, additional funds may be deposited in $25.00 increments. Munch Money Debit Account Plan balances may only be used for food and beverage purchases at authorized University dining services. Munch Money Debit Account Plans are encoded onto the University WildCARD ID. Lost or stolen ID cards must be reported to the University Food Service Office immediately so that the account balance may be placed on hold until a replacement id card and number is issued. The University is not responsible for losses to account balances due to fraudulent use, theft, or id loss. Undergraduate student funds deposited into the Munch Money Debit Account Plan are valid from September 1, 2013, through August 31, 2014. Faculty, staff and graduate student accounts do not expire.

The Auto-refill option for undergraduate students will be automatically disabled on May 1, 2014. Account balances, including those of inactive accounts, expire upon September 1, 2014, and are forfeited. Munch Money Debit Account Plan balances of $26.00 or more may be refunded upon written request, which must be received by the University Food Service Office no later than August 31, 2014. A $25.00 processing fee will be charged for any refund granted. Enrichment funds that may have been added onto a Munch Money Debit Account Plan are non-refundable. No account balance re-assignments or donations are permitted. It may take up to 30 days to receive a refund or for a credit to appear on an NU student consolidated tuition account statement.

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