Munch Money Incentive

  • Every $200 deposited and receive 2 bonus meal vouchers to use in the dining halls.
    Note: The Enrichment Offer is no longer valid.

The bonus meal vouchers will be mailed to each qualifying participant or can be picked up by appointment.
For all Munch Money users (faculty, staff, students) the bonus meals will expire on August 31 each year.

How Do I get Munch Money?

Adding Munch Money to an account has never been easier! Students, Faculty and Staff can simply click on the links below to add Munch Money to your account. You can pay using these easy ways:

  • munch_testimonialMunch Money Online Request Form– Charge your Munch Money to your student account. Submit your request right here, with no need for paper or pens. Just have your NetID, password and student ID number ready.
  • Munch Money Request Form ( PDF) – Mail or Fax your form to the Food Service office. The requested amount will be charged to your student account.
  • Credit Card Online FormCharge your Munch Money to your card. We accept Visa or Mastercard. It’s perfect for Faculty and Staff who don’t have a student account.

Munch Money requests made via the the Munch Money Online Request Form are available immediately.

Munch Money requests made via the Credit Card Online Form are not available for immediate use. Please allow up to two business days for credit card Munch Money requests to be available for use. Requests made Sunday-Thursday morning will be available on the following business day. Requests made after Thursday afternoon may not be available until the following Monday.

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