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2013-2014 Information, Policies & Procedures

Policies Concerning The Meal Plan

  • All University Housing residents must have a meal plan while living on campus.
  • Incoming students (freshmen and transfers) that have electronically signed their University housing and food service contracts are automatically assigned the Weekly 14 meal plan.
  • Incoming students (freshmen and transfers) can chose from the Weekly 13, Weekly 14 or Unlimited meal plans.
  • The Block Plan is not available to incoming freshmen or transfer students.
  • Returning students will automatically be assigned the Weekly 14.
  • Meal Plan accommodations, reductions, changes, and exemptions do not carry over from the previous year. Please resubmit all forms and documentation.

Change Your Meal Plan

  • Students may only change their meal plans once every quarter.
  • First year students (freshmen and transfers) must chose from the Weekly 13, Weekly 14 or Unlimited Plans. The Block Plan is not available to freshmen and transfer students.
  • To change a meal plan, students must submit a completed “Meal Plan Request and Change Form” to the Food Service Office by 5:00 p.m. on the following dates:

    Fall – October 4, 2013
    Winter – January 10, 2014
    Spring – April 4, 2014

  • When changing a meal plan, please note that there may be changes that occur in the billing of your meal plan when charges are prorated.
  • Charges are prorated differently for each type of meal plan. For this reason, changing from one type of meal plan to another, despite the same quarterly/yearly price, may result in additional charges.

You may submit the Online Meal Plan Request and Change Form by logging in with your NetID and password or download the
Meal Plan Request and Change Form ( PDF) and email or mail your form to the Food Service Office.

content_plans2Other Resources

  • Meal Plan Rates

How The Meal Plans Work

  • Meal plans begin at the beginning of each term when the dining halls open.
  • All dining halls feature trayless, buffet-style and all-you-can-eat dining.
  • Students may stay in a dining hall throughout an entire meal period. However, one may not leave and re-enter that or any other dining hall during the same meal period except under the Unlimited meal plan.
  • What is a Meal? – A “meal” is designated by each time a student uses his/her WildCARD to enter the dining hall.
  • Students may also purchase a la carte items at designated retail locations using points.
  • There are five meal periods offered at Northwestern:
    • Breakfast and Lunch are offered Monday through Saturday.
    • Dinner is offered everyday.
    • Brunch is offered only on Sunday.
    • Late-Night is offered Monday through Thursday at Foster-Walker.

Cash Entrance Prices 2013-2014

Northwestern Community Cash Entrance Prices with WildCARD
Late Night
Sunday Brunch
Non-Northwestern Community Cash Entrance Prices without WildCARD
Late Night
Sunday Brunch

You must present your WildCARD to the cashier to get the Northwestern Community cash entrance prices.

Meal Contracts

Arrangements for meal contracts are made with:
University Food Service Office
Evanston Campus
Seabury Hall, Room 103
600 Haven Street
Evanston, Illinois
Phone: 847-491-2020

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