Our sustainability efforts also include steps to reduce waste, recycle and protect the environment.

  • A recycling program is in place. We recycle glass and plastic bottles, newspapers, #10 cans, cardboard boxes, office paper, cooking oil and unused portions of food.
  • We have eliminated the use of Styrofoam cups and now use paper cups in our retail dining locations.
  • Jamba Juice switched from Styrofoam cups to paper cups.
  • We encourage students to use reusable containers by offering a discount on soda or coffee.
  • All resident and retail dining locations recycle their cooking oil through Mahoney, a company that picks up the oil and recycles it to make animal feed. We have also given cooking oil to the Idea Waste Vegetable Oil Team at Northwestern University to do research on bio diesel oil.
  • As part of our effort to create a more environmentally sustainable operation, we have chosen to use the Ecolab Apex warewashing system. This system will help reduce consumption of natural resources and plastic packaging. The Apex system not only features non-caustic, low-phosphorus* chemistry, but also operates our dish machines more efficiently—often by 10% or higher. This operational efficiency translates into a significant savings of water and energy.
  • We work with Campus Kitchens to donate unused portions of food for the unfortunate in the Evanston area.
  • A pulper was installed in Elder Dining Location. This pulper is designed to reduce waste volume by up to 80%, conserving both water and energy.

Reusable Mug Policy

Use a reusable mug for a coffee refill and pay only $1.50; use a reusable mug for a specialty coffee drink and get 15 cents off! Available at Lisa’s Cafe, Crowe Cafe, Cafe a la Cart, Tech Express and Plaza Cafe.

Reusuable Bottle Policy

Use a reusable bottle for a fountain soda refill and pay only $1.25! Available at Lisa’s Cafe, Tech Express and Willie’s Food Court. Click here to learn more about NU Recycling!

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