Arranging and Reserving a Date

All Norris room reservations must be booked through the Norris Event Planning Office. Event Planners can be contacted at (847) 491-2330. After an order has been placed a confirmation will be e-mailed to you. Once you have reviewed the confirmation, please email a response approving the reservation to your event planning representative.

For events held within the Norris Center, your event planner can assist you in reserving tables, chairs, and other equipment you may require. For events held outside of Norris, you will be expected to provide your own tables and chairs. Renting these additional items is also an option and nuCuisine can assist in placing these orders along with setting up and breaking down these items.

Please click here to reserve a room on campus.

Catering Policies & Guidelines


  • To provide a vast selection of high quality options for your events, nuCuisine requires specific deadlines for placing and confirming your order.
  • All nuCuisine Catering orders must be placed and received by the Norris Event Planning Office by 2:00 PM on the fifth business day prior to your event, not including the day of the event.
  • Business days consist of Monday through Friday excluding holidays.
  • A minimum order of twenty guests or $100.00 is required to place an order, without additional fees. For orders not meeting minimums, please refer to our Small Party Menu on our website.
  • To best insure the safety of food products to all guests, food buffets may be restricted to a maximum of two hours in length.


  • Final increases in guest count must be confirmed by 2:00 PM three business days prior to the event, not including the day of the event.
  • Guest count can not be decreased from the original order within the five business day deadline.


  • Any event cancelled within the five business days prior to the event may incur charges. Any event cancelled within three business days prior to the event will be charged the full amount for the scheduled event.


All recognized organizations and university departments are required to provide a university account number for any catering orders at the time of placing an order. If a student group does not have a university account, they must pay by check or cash ten business days prior to the event. An affiliate group, sponsored by a university department or recognized student group, must pay via credit card.

Delivery & Service Charge

For events catered outside of the Norris Center, there is a delivery charge of $15.00. This covers standard the delivery, set-up, and pick-up. Please establish delivery and pick-up times when ordering. For events taking place outside normal business hours, following business day pickup may be necessary. Please note that for events catered outside of The Norris University Center that do not meet the minimum order amount, there will be a delivery charge of $30.00.

Service Upgrade

nuCuisine Catering provides high quality plastic products unless otherwise requested when ordering. If china service is desired, there will be an additional fee of $2.00 per person for events located in the Norris University Center and $4.00 per person for events located outside Norris. Please call the Norris Events Planning Office for additional information as this service upgrade may require wait staff, at an additional cost.


nuCuisine Catering provides complimentary Standard Black & White Café Linen and/or skirting for all food, beverage and round dining tables for events located in the Norris University Center that meet the minimum order amount. Non-service tables (i.e. gift tables, registration table, etc.) and additional seating tables beyond the confirmed food order guest count will be charged $4.50 per linen. If your event requires linen and skirting the charge is $20.00 per table. Please call the Norris Event Planning Office for additional information. Please note that Standard Café Linen cover most standard table tops but, do not extend to the floor. Specialty and designer linen are available for an additional charge; please see our Additional Amenities section for more information.


Each Bartender and On-Site Chef required will be charged at a rate of $160.00. Each waitstaff at a rate of $150.00 for an event length of three hours or less. Events extending beyond three hours will incur an additional $55.00 charge per staff per hour. Please call the Norris Event Planning Office for additional information.

Catering Equipment

nuCuisine Catering provides you with service equipment for your event at no additional cost. As the host of a catered event, you are responsible for all equipment delivered for your event. Replacement costs for any missing and/or damaged equipment and/or supplies will be charged to your final bill.

Availability and Pricing

Please note that our menu and prices are subject to change upon availability of products and services. Please visit our website at for the most current selections and pricing.

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