Selling Products is a Lot More Involved Than What We Thought

I developed a business with a partner. It was actually an idea for a product line that would continue to advance and develop over time. Our problem was that we had zero sales experience. We both new what customers of our demographic were looking for in products from the packaging to the price. We just had no idea how to really sell the number of units we needed to sell in order to have the income we were hoping for. Instead of trying to learn sales, we hired sales recruiters to get us top talent to manage the marketing of what we were producing. Continue Reading

Improve Contracting Businesses Online Profile

While there are many ways to market your business to success offline, when developing an online strategy, there is one sure way to success and that is through search engine marketing. This is true for most businesses, no matter the sector, including those in the construction business. By setting a target of improving your business by developing a solid brand strategy and through SEO contractor marketing to attract new customers, you will be well on your way to increasing your online presence to contribute to your company’s bottom line . The first step to implementing this new plan is to hire a digital marketing firm that specializes in SEO marketing. Continue Reading

New Stairs to Get to the Roof

When I purchased an older warehouse for more storage space for my growing company, I was happy because I got it for such a great price. I knew that there were things I would need to do before I would be able to put it in full operation, but that did not concern me mainly because of the low price. I had considered all the things I would need to do, and even after the cost of upgrading, it was still a steal. The first thing I did was look up plant platform on my computer, because I was not happy with the ladder going up to the roof. FillWyI5NzAiLCI2NDUiXQ-plant-platform-4

I know the warehouse had not been used in some time, but it still surprised me that the ladder they had was even in use at all. Continue Reading

I Feel Full, Fulfilled and Happy on This Plan

I have had a lot of things happen to me in life that are upsetting, but the thing is that those things often end and you can get past them over time. But gaining weight and then struggling to get next to none of it off, continued to plague me. Not only that, but when I did lose weight, it often came back again soon after. I was reading the Medifast reviews that I stumbled across one night, and I really wondered if it was the miracle that customers were talking about or not.

I think my biggest problem with getting weight off over time was the fact that I always felt like I was starving. It made me want to eat even more.medifast Continue Reading

This is One of the Smartest Ways to Host a Site

Living in a very remote area, the Internet providers and hosting companies where I live are few and far between. Every company that I have been with has been great, though. I was thinking that it would be nice to have a lot of power over my business website, so I setup and ran my own server for awhile. However, that became a chore having to handle it myself. I wanted something inexpensive, and someone told me about shared hosting in Australia and how that is much less expensive than regular hosting. I found that to be something that I would probably like instead of dealing with my own server.

Having your own server at home means that you can host your page on it, and visitors from anywhere can see it. If I’m at work, I can remote into my server and handle the administration. But it is very important to make sure that the room the server is sitting in is kept cool enough that it won’t cause a problem for the machine. Continue Reading

Cheap Electricity Rates in Texas

It was a big decision, but in the end, I decided that it was the right move to move to Texas and so I have found a place to live here. I am going to be moving in pretty soon and there is still so much to be done. Which is not very ideal considering that I am feeling a bit under the weather. Or maybe it is not ideal that I am sick. I don’t even know right now, it is not very easy to think. I am going to read the company page for Reliant Energy to learn mroe what they are about and the type of rates that they offer to their customers. I also want to learn about any incentives that they might have for new customers. Of course, incentives might seal the deal if the rates between different companies in the state otherwise proves to be fairly competitive. Continue Reading

How to Use a Bosch Temperature Probe in a Bosch Oven & How to Cook a Turkey or Roast Beef With a Bosch Oven Temperature Probe

BOSCH WALL OVENS can be a challenge to use.  The steps needed to complete a task are not what you would expect sequentially and generally require an extra step you would not normally anticipate.  You are not alone in finding a Bosch oven perplexing at times.Bosch Temperature

HERE IS how to use a Bosch temperature probe in a wall oven:

Cook a whole turkey (or a turkey breast), roast beef, and other meats using a Bosch oven temperature probe.

  1. Select the “Convection Roast” cooking mode on your Bosch oven
  2. Plug the temperature probe into the wall plug inside the oven
  3. Place an uncooked turkey or roast beef in a large roasting pan and center it on the lowest oven rack – –  do not cover the turkey or beef with anything, not even foil [per the Bosch convection oven manual]
  4.   It is a good idea to set the turkey or beef on a roasting rack placed in the roasting pan so that the bottom of the meat being cooked will not become soggy. Add 2 cans of chicken broth (for turkey) and beef broth (for roast beef) to the pan before placing the meat in the oven [regardless of using a rack or not] as this will help keep the meat moist and may provide gravy drippings
  5. The “Convection Roast” setting allows hot air to flow around the bird or roast, cooking it to perfection
  6. The “Convection Roast” method  cuts cooking time down by about 25%, so plan preparation of side dishes accordingly.

  7. DO COVER leg bones of a turkey with foil where they are joined together if you are cooking a large turkey, and keep an eye on wing tips, covering them with foil when they get too brown. Additionally, place a loose piece of foil over the entire bird or roast if it begins to look too brown (although this is unlikely to occur.)
  8. Push “Temperature” button once and set oven temperature to recommended temp. (Butterball recommends 325° for roasting a turkey.
  9. Next, push “Temperature” button twice and set the desired internal temperature of the meat product you are cooking. For a whole turkey, cook to an internal temp of 170 to 180° – SO, SET THE temperature probe to read 175° – Cook beef according to your preference or check out “Estimating Cooking Time for Large Beef Roasts” and look for other great beef-cooking tips HERE.
  10. Insert the probe into the deepest part of the breast or beef, so that it may rest without touching any bone
  11. The digital oven display will show what the probe temperature reading is of the meat being cooked. If you are putting refrigerated meat in the oven, the temperature probe reading will be around 35° when you place meat in the oven and first insert the probe
  12. As turkey or beef cooks, the probe will display the ever-increasing temperature of the roasting meat on the front of the digital oven
  13. No need to set the timer on the oven because you have already told the oven when to stop cooking based on the probe’s reading
  14. The oven will beep when the probe has reached the temperature you set it at.
  15. Use an oven mitt to remove the probe because it becomes very hot during the cooking process!
  16. Remove meat and let it cool for 15 min. or more before slicing. Serve and enjoy.

My Bosch Cooktop: Pretty but Not Reliable


My Bosch cooktop is lovely to look at and not terribly difficult to keep clean.  However, my Bosch cooktop has a highly annoying performance issue that is important only if you are, let’s say, cooking something on the stove top.

When the surface of my Bosch cooktop encounters water (such as droplets of water from steam off a lid lifted from a simmering pot) the entire Bosch cooktop shuts down.  Flashing red “E” (as in “error”) lights begin to flash.  The heating element quickly dims and ceasing emitting heat.  Really.

I am usually able to turn the Bosch cooktop back on after 30-45 seconds by wiping the “on/off” sensor button with a dry towel and repeatedly pushing the “on/off” Bosch cooktop sensor.

If you don’t mind letting that rice or pasta take a hiatus during the boiling process, go with a Bosch cooktop.  It’s pretty but not reliable.  You’re welcome.

Review of Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator: Pitiful

My new (2015 ) Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator Model FGHS2631PF1 was a bargain purchase  from Lowes at around $1,200.  Stainless-look with a very low-smudge surface…what’s not to like?frigidaire_fgus

Yet, surprisingly, the most important features of a refrigerator with an ice and water delivery compartment are woefully inadequate in this Frigidaire Gallery Model.

  1. THE MOST frustrating thing about buying a refrigerator is that buyers cannot ”test” the attributes of a refrigerator live on the show-room floor.   I asked salesman at every  appliance retailer that I visited while shopping for a new refrigerator about the various attributes of refrigerators.  I asked about noise, I asked about emissions.  Never once did I think to ask them about how long the water filter would last.  Huge mistake on my part.
  2. Additionally, the plastic drawers and vegetable bins do not glide open easily and appear destined for eminent breakage.
  3. The ice delivery system also provides a pitiful performance.  Upon pushing the exterior button to deliver ice, an avalanche of cubes pours forth, flooding your cup with ice and spilling across the floor.  In our house, it’s has become something of a game that we play, called ”Who Can Get Just a Few Cubes?”
  4. Made in Mexico, this Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator offers little in the way of extras which is par for a mid-priced fridge.

If I had the opportunity to make my purchase again, I would suck it up and spend the $500-800 more to buy a sturdier fridge…one with a water filter that does not have to be changed every six month.

Adam Sandler’s “Blended” Movie is a Delight

Every now and then, we are compelled to post a review about a movie or restaurant that we believe has been maligned, or plain old reviewed with a bad slant.  Adam Sandler’s “Blended” Movie is such a movie.  Adam Sandler’s “Blended” movie is a delight, in actuality, as plentiful laughs of glee from the viewers of this PG-13 rated movie attest.Blended_01

We wonder what unit of measure a film critic had when giving Adam Sandler’s “Blended” movie a lackluster review with a D+ (and also a “one star” rating).  Whatever method that was used to arrive at such a lame rating, we’re not buying the ‘dis — it’s simply undeserved.

Sure, there are juvenile hi-jinks in “Blended,” but one does not go to an Adam Sandler movie to sit in stony, contemplative silence.  We go for the laughs and sight gags.

Rarely will you hear so many belly-laugh’s or guffaws from a movie-going crowd as heard when watching the movie “Blended” in a movie theater.  And, hey, this is a Happy Madison production, so those of us who enjoy Sandler’s inner-boy movies know, and eagerly anticipate, what is to come.

The movie “Blended” has humor, sweetness of heart, expressions of the importance of family and loss, that make “Blended” a great movie for families within the PG-13 range and above (think boobs and centerfolds).

Our 12-year old son laughed out loud repeatedly throughout “Blended,” as did his mom and friends who were in attendance.  Actor Terry Crews, of “Everybody Hates Chris,” (and more) fame, was in stellar form (as usual) as  a dancing entertainer in eye-popping garb as the “blended”  theme of the of the story progressed to a vacation in Africa.

Actor Kevin Nealon and his  newlywed wife were hilarious, adding new meaning to the word, “jiggle,” in addition to beautiful scenery in the films’ African scenes.

Drew Barrymore, touting luscious lip hues, was the perfect foil for Mr. Sandler, creating a believable romance.  The “families” of children were stirringly portrayed with just the right amount of humor thrown in.  And lastly, the divine Wendi McLendon-Covey (“The Goldbergs”) portrays a bestie with delightful sarcasm and wit.

Do yourself a favor, ignore what a (paid) movie reviewer has to say and take it from us, (admitted Adam Sandler fans); “Blended” is a delight.  Stay for the song being sun after the movie ends; it’s adorably funny.

Bag of Cookies or a Bag of Potato Chips?

LET’S pretend that you are famished and have not eaten in 3 days.  You are sitting in an empty room at an equally empty table.  A man walks in and offers you a bag of cookies or a bag of potato chips – with the caveat that you may choose only one bag.  Which would you select?  The bag of potato chips or the cookies? If you reply, “Neither, I would choose broccoli,”… a pox upon you.

Open Bag of Chips
Open Bag of Chips

SERIOUSLY, though, I wish illness upon no one.  In fact, I myself had quite a scare yesterday.  You see, yesterday I had an attack…a potato chip attack; and I am still reeling with remorse.  More on that in a minute.

MUCH like driving a car without GPS, I made a maneuvering error in the grocery store yesterday:  I went down the “chip aisle,” or as I like to call it, “Pandora’s Box.” And yes, I bought a bag of potato chips; salt & vinegar chips, if you must know.

WE ALL know that it is okay to indulge in potato chips every now and then, and everything in moderation, blah-blah-blah.  However, when it comes to a sinfully crunchy bag of chips, the word “moderation” holds little meaning for me.  Why snack on a single serving of 12 chips (120 calories) when you can snarf down half a bag of potato chips (calorie total unknown).

YOU probably think that I am remorseful and full of self-loathing because I ate SO MANY chips yesterday, don’t you?  Perhaps you believe that I am consumed with guilt for my gluttony.

IF SO, you are incorrect. The root of my regret lies in…French onion dip.  No potato chip feast is complete without French onion dip.  If you have never been blessed enough to enjoy this evil-good combination of foods, don’t start now or you could end up like me, greedily opening a bag of potato chips on the way home from the grocery store.  Darn, it’s hard to drive when you’re dipping a potato chip into dip.

BUT, I digress; my self-disgust lies with the fact that I bought “Fat Free” French onion dip.  Why in the heck did I destroy my date with snack royalty by purchasing fat free dip?  Perhaps I was subconsciously planning to eat the entire bag of potato chips and was looking for caloric redemption.

FAT free dip, for those who are not condiment-savvy, tastes like Elmer’s glue with a dash of seasoning; it’s not worth buying and certainly not worth wasting a chip-fest on.

SO, take it from me my chip-eating brethren.  Enjoy your fried morsels of potato goodness with  full-on, sour-cream based French onion dip.  If a love like this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.